Friday, December 19, 2008

class chalet

details about our cls chalet is as follows:
3D2N from 10jan(sat afternoon) to 12jan(mon morning)
at HomeTeamNS Pasir Ris Chalets, 124A-124H Pasir Ris Road (somewhr near the place whr we had our cls BBQ)
stay all u like. dun need to worry about not having enuf place to slp cuz we gt 4 bedrooms!
for more info, click here
oh ya. BBQ shuld b on sat night. =)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Poll results!

SO the poll results are out!



10 Jan 2009 (Saturday) 13 votes
11 Jan 2009(Sunday) 12 votes

17 Jan 2009(Saturday) 10 votes
18 Jan 2009(Sunday) 11 votes

So we will have our first Chalet on 10 and 11 Jan 2009.

Sorry to those who are not able to come on those days.

Thanks for your voting!

~hui fen

Posted by clique of stars at 12:00 PM